Angelena Youth Club Tororo


From our inception with sixteen members at Mr.Kasibante’s home in 2008, we are now over fifty members in our humble home in Agururu Catholic Church; we have a District, National and Worldwide recognition and acclaim, we are proud to be one of Uganda’s Cultural Ambassadors. With a repertoire of over 15 displays representing Uganda's Culture and Arts diversity, we take you through a journey of all communities in Uganda in one show / place. We engage in a number of activities, the most important being Drama with a primary purpose of promotingthe ideals of Angelena Lyaka. We believe that through this association, we shall be able to pull back all those youths who have left the church engaging in other immoral behaviours.


Angelena Youth Club Tororo is an association of the youth within Tororo which aims at bringing up and nurturing the talent of the young people through Music Dance and Drama in order to uphold high moral behaviour in society.
The Mission of Angelena Youth Club is to instil high moral and religious ideals in the youths through music, dance and drama in order to make them live the life of Angellina Lyaka.


  • To promote friendship, fellowship and natural understanding among the members of youth club.
  • To promote and activate the sense of social service among the Christians of Agururu Catholic Parish and the communities beyond.
  • To provide opportunities for the development of young people so that they can achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials.