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Angelena Lyaka Devotion Organisation

Angelena Lyaka Organisation was formed to promote awareness of Angelena Lyaka’s life history, faith, devotions, courage and Holy death.  The Organisation is responsible for the maintenance of the website www.angelenalyaka.org It publishes booklets, pamphlets and distributes leaflets on Angelena Lyaka and records testimonies of the people who witness miracles through her intercession.

The Organisation engages the media; print (newspapers) and electronic (Radio and TV) in the promotion of Angelena Lyaka’s faithful life. It carries out research on events around Angelena Lyaka during those early years and encourages the Youth to live the life of Angelena Lyaka.

The Organisation plans to upgrade Angelena Lyaka’s tombs to a shrine as more and more Pilgrims visit. It also plans to construct a Convention Centre and a Hostel near Angelena Lyaka’s tombs for use by the Pilgrims, Youth Groups and people coming to pray Novena in Angelena Lyaka’s name.

The organisation also plans to support the re-novation of Agururu Catholic Church and to construct a perimeter fence to cover Angelena Lyaka’s tombs and the Church Compound.

The organisation plans to put in place essential facilities for sanitation, water supply and cooking for the comfort of the pilgrims. The organisation also plans to support the youth clubs and other groups dedicated to living the life of Angelena Lyaka.

Membership to the Organisation is voluntary. One just subscribes through the Chairman by email: angelenalyaka@gmail.com   The Organisation’s structure comprise of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Committee and Members. The Organisation’s activities are funded through voluntary contributions of Members, Christians, Friends and Well-wishers.  The current Chairman is Mr. Martin Owor Tel. +256-772-647632 email: martinjowor@yahoo.co.uk.